This blog aims to inform, communicate ideas and knowledge in dentistry: prevention, health, beauty treatments, implantology, orthodontics, endodontics, surgery and periodontics, children's dentistry, conscious sedation and occlusal disease.

An informed and aware patient can improve the effectiveness of these treatments and get the most benefit from these, supporting the work of the dentist with behaviors and habits that can affect the health of the mouth and of the whole organism.

Latest posts included:

The occlusal disease
Sai cos’è la malattia occlusale? Lo sai che può consumarti i denti compromettendo la funzione e la bellezza del tuo
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Book presentation “Your DENTIST did not tell you that …”
A book for all people who care about their own health and that of their loved ones. A guide
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Your DENTIST did not tell you that ...
The conservation and restoration of the smile in an agile volume, timely and updated. Going well beyond the traditional approach
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Dental CAD-CAM technology, the result of a high technology engineering work, is a system of hardware and software
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Prevention is always better than cure
If we want to make long-lasting beautiful smile we must take care of the teeth but also the health of our
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Something to smile about? or..
It is not easy to smile when you have beautiful teeth and it is a pity that our imperfections
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Dentosophie: a humanistic approach to dentistry
Dentosophie (DENTO from Latin wisdom tooth + SOFIA from greek) is a humanistic approach to dental therapy, which places
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The mouth tells the health of all the internal organs
A holistic approach to dentistry, considering the patient's disease not only in symptoms localized in the mouth, but sees these
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In the beach also we bring a beautiful smile
This month we want to talk about the secrets to having a smile with white teeth gleaming. It 'well known that a toothing
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English Speaking Staff
A large community that is mostly made of native speakers of English. This is the reason why Alessandro Guasti and
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