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Simple procedure to improve the appearance of natural teeth.

A quick and cheap way to touch up the shape of the teeth giving them a uniform appearance and better alignment, the maximum savings of tooth tissue.

How it is remodeling?

Flattening and smoothing with fine grain drills the rough and irregular margins of the tooth, sometimes with the application of small amounts of composite resins.

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Am I a candidate for aesthetic remodeling?

Minor stone chips and fractures, lighter crowds, sharp teeth or of different length are the problems that are fixed with the remodeling.

Does not require special attention.

A night guard helps to protect them from fractures, especially if there are harmful parafunctions such as teeth clenching or bruxism (teeth grinding).


A treatment that removes surface stains of enamel and lightens the teeth making them beautiful and brilliant.

The whitening methods are, the polishing of the teeth and the bleaching proper.

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Teeth polishing

Polishing teeth is the solution for those who want to read surface stains and contain costs.

It’s obtained by the use of a special polishing paste gently applied on the teeth.

Dental whitening

This process is obtained with the application of a gel containing an oxidizing agent.

It can be done in the studio with the help of a special light-intensive and home with custom templates containing a low concentration gel.

Maintaining teeth that have been whitened

The teeth should be brushed after every meal to remove food debris that might pigmentarli.

Our staff will show you the most suitable toothpastes.

After a professional dental hygiene session should avoid smoking and consuming food and drink pigmenting (coffee, tea, etc.).

It is recommended following a professional tooth whitening, continue with special teeth whitening kits a home maintenance program.