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Invisalign is an “invisible” and innovative orthodontic treatment to align and straighten the dental arches.

In place of metal wires and hooks attached to the teeth, Invisalign uses a series of removable masks made of transparent plastic.

Each mask is made with a 3D virtual program that shows the displacements of the teeth during the treatment and allows to know in advance what will be the appearance of the smile at the end of the cure.

What can be solved with Invisalign treatment?

– The dental crowding
– The presence of open spaces between the teeth
– The crossbite (right upper arch alignment with the lower one)
– Excessive overbite (or covered bite)
– The mandibular protrusion
– The improvement of the smile associating the application of composite resins or porcelain veneers.

Prima del trattamento con Invisalign Prima del trattamento con Invisalign Dopo trattamento ortodontico con Invisalign Dopo trattamento ortodontico con Invisalign

How does Invisalign?

By using the 3D virtual program with digitized fingerprints of the dental arches; to specify whether the Invisalign treatment is appropriate to the patient’s needs.

They are made of a series of transparent masks (aligner) that must be used for 4-6 weeks before moving to the next.
A complete treatment involves 18-36 templates for the upper and lower arches.
The length of treatment varies between 9-18 months.

The masks should be used twenty-two hours taking away the day with meals and when they brush their teeth.
During treatment, you will notice small movements; your teeth will move gradually, until you have a healthy smile and smooth.