In the beach also we bring a beautiful smile

This month we want to talk about the secrets to have a smile with white teeth gleaming.

And 'well it is known that a perfect set of teeth, or almost is one of the best cards we can give to us, not only immediately communicates a sense of hygiene and cleanliness but is able to make the overall look of a person more agreeable.
The moment is very important, think of all the photos we take every year during our holidays!

First of all we understand what determines the color of our teeth: Contrary to what you normally think is not nail varnish to give color to the teeth but the layer immediately below, the dentine.

The enamel is like an opaque glass that covers the dentin is that it can impart nuances more about the gray, yellow, reddish, brown or white, depending on our genetic inheritance. But the enamel participates to the "formation" of color that our eyes see it diverts the light (refraction) in countless ways, in fact the tooth, subjected to different light sources, seems to have different colors.

Despite being a very durable material and mineralized, the enamel preserves a certain porosity and as such can knocked over by substances and particles that can change color to dentin and enamel itself.

The enemies of the white: one of the main enemies of the white teeth we find cigarette smoking, mouthwashes with chlorhexidine, the natural aging and food pigments, such as those contained in coffee, tea, liquorice, in spinach and red wine, but also in artificial colors added to beverages or other food products.

A particular case is the accumulation of tetracicline absorbed during early childhood with the medicines. But not only among the enemies of white teeth also fall berries, newly appointed because of low per capita consumption, but what happens to our clothes even the teeth are stained from their intense color.

These enemies, "external" but there is a big dangerous enemy is ourselves and that through a bad oral hygiene ruin all our efforts for a gorgeous smile.

In this month we will not dwell on good practice that we have to follow day by day, maybe we'll talk to the return from holiday, now we continue with the secrets of white teeth We are saying how can we encourage our smile to whiten

There are basically two methods that do not exclude one another, indeed, what we recommend is undertake a dental cosmetic treatment at Studio Faults Massai that will transform your mouth in a way that you can hardly recognize it and then to maintain this incredible result with little daily attention.

We skip those "chemical" that potrabbero unnecessarily overlap to our treatment and move on to some totally natural remedies.

fresh sage
probably the most famous, easy to implement, just rub your teeth with a once or twice a day sage leaf

dark green vegetables
In fact, these vegetables, eat as much as possible, kale and broccoli, contain a mineral compound that produces a film that covers the teeth and protects against stains.

Araak tree root
It 'a root of a tree that middle eastern polished on the teeth makes them white and shiny. Where to find it? you buy online at a price bassissmo, here is a example

Lemon juice
Here is a recipe "home made": Take a little salt plus a few drops of lemon juice (preferably if you take them with a fresh lemon so will have more effect) plus a few drops of water (to reduce the acidity of the lemon) mixes everything, you take a piece of cloth it is immersed in mescuglio until it gets wet well and then you pass it on your teeth, seeing is believing

And then, some foods that generally help us to preserve the work of sbiancamente dental carried with us: apples, celery and carrots. It is three foods capable of increasing saliva production, which in turn acts as physiological self-cleaning agent.

We conclude that if you have doubts or you want to learn some subject you can email us, we will respond with pleasure.
Similarly you can write us to know the time and cost of our treatment of dental cosmetics recognized as the best offered in Florence.