Prevention is always better than cure

If we want to make long-lasting beautiful smile we must take care of the teeth but also the health of our gums. Healthy gingiva has a nice light pink color and does not bleed brushing my teeth, while the presence of redness, swelling, dolenzie, bleeding, bad smells and flavors are all warning bells to be taken into account as soon as they can be a symptom gingivitis or worse periodontitis (periodontal disease).

Periodontitis is a widespread disease of bacterial origin that causes tissue destruction, hard and soft surrounding the tooth. The disease initially causes few symptoms, often can progress and worsen without the person's knowledge.

The consequences can be:

– severe gingival retraction resulting in exposure of the roots and the appearance of blacks unsightly spaces between teeth as they age the smile of the person that is affected
– formation of deep periodontal pockets infected and smelly
– mobility and misalignment of the teeth
– tooth loss resulting chewing difficulties.

Another negative effect that periodontal disease can determine is the impairment of general health. Numerous scientific studies support the correlation between malattiaparodontale and systemic diseases, due to inflammation and the spread of bacterial toxins by blood. It 'has been observed that people suffering from periodontal disease is more affected by cardiovascular disease, diabetes, lung diseases, certain cancers and even obstetric complications, such as preterm birth to underweight babies.

For all these reasons it is so important to undergo as soon as possible to a specialist check-up in order to take timely action to return promptly to a complete healing time.