Something to smile about? or..

It is not easy to smile when you do not have beautiful teeth and it is a pity that the imperfections in our mouth can deprive us of the chance to be happy.
To feel at ease in the midst of others, we can try to shift the focus of the people we have before our eyes, or other parts of the body, we can try to show our best side, but if the smile is our problem, the simplest thing to do is to turn to the specialists who know how to give us the care we need, with corrective and cutting-edge equipment.
Nowadays have a winning smile and misaligned teeth is always easier, less painful and does not require the use of unsightly equipment in iron framing the mouth.

Invisalign is an invisible and modern orthodontic technique to straighten the dental arches and getting the smile you've always dreamed of. Without hinges and cables, wires and hooks, this technique makes use of transparent aligners that align teeth through small, precise controlled movements.
Depending on the needs and purposes, only some teeth for phase shift, ensuring a schedule of results and very precise timing.
After you take a picture with a 3D virtual map of the patient's mouth, it shall draw up a comprehensive plan of treatment and projected all movements of each tooth to obtain the wanted result. On the basis of these statements they are produced all the masks that must succession every 4-6 weeks.
This innovative technique employs realize yourself thermoplastic materials only for this system, and each mask will adapt from time to time, perfectly on patient boca.
The aligner, comfortable and easy to wear, should be worn 22 hours a day and are excluded only feeding times and oral healthcare.

Do not miss any more time, do not continue to hide your future radiant smile behind his hand. Immediately contact the dental practice of Florence Faults and Massai, Invisalign Provider in your area.