Conscious sedation: why go to the dentist does not hurt

In recent years, the reduction of pain has made great strides in many fields and even dentistry could help but be excluded, indeed, here more than elsewhere, the change was radical.
Who can deny that often if the image of the dentist is not always linked to that of pain? How many of us tremble at having parents bring their children to the dentist? For because of this baggage we always went to the dentist when the visit was absolutely need, when the pain became unbearable, and then, after the meeting we also miffed at paying the bill thinking "but how?!?! I also have to pay for all this evil ?! "
Finally it is history! The image of the doctor who pulls teeth in pain and moaning is now a figure that we can define not too ironically "medieval"! And all this thanks to the "Conscious Sedation"

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But how does it work?

Conscious sedation is able to desensitize the oral mucosa depriving the patient of his pain and, at the same time, promoting a sense of well-being and tranquility.
The method that we use at Studio Faults and Massai is inhalation of a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen (as measured in a sophisticated machinery).
Il cliente che per un sacco di buoni motivi non ha voglia di affrontare un ago e dei farmaci invasivi e pesanti trova presso di noi una risposta a tutte le antipatie e paure: pochi minuti di aerosol e poi l’intervento può cominciare, con tutta la certezza che nessun dolore sarà arrecato al paziente. E non è tutto, anche se completamente rilassato, grazie allo stato di veglia il paziente può prendere parte alla corretta riuscita dell’intervento, in una favorevole e quanto mai efficace collaborazione con il proprio medico.
And the fear of injections is not the only reason to ask your dentist to undergo conscious sedation, a normal anesthesia can take up to a maximum of 15 different types of drugs! There is no comparison with a harmless aerosol of oxygen and nitrogen, totally devoid of side effects and allergies.
If we think we have to subject our children to this load of unnecessary pain the choice is even more obvious.
The sessions at the dentist in this way can become sporadic prevention instead of heavy care.

If you are already a customer of the firm do not hesitate to ask for more information on your next visit, we will be happy to stop and explain everything in more detail, but if you're not one of our customers send us an email to get in touch with those who truly cares about the best for their patients