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It 'a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen used to increase the pain threshold.
Dosed appropriately these gases, they have pleasurable effects and useful during dental sessions, inducing conscious sedation.
The patient is pleasantly laid back and has a feeling of lightness, reaching the specific analgesic effect in a short time.

Nitrous oxide is useful in children aged 3-4 years to allow the execution of small fillings or to perform local anesthesia without fear.
It can be used on adult patients (who are afraid of the dentist) or a strong dentine hypersensitivity, for example during sessions of hygiene.

There are no contraindications, oxygen and nitrogen are present in the air we breathe.

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What is occlusal disease?

The occlusal disease is a destructive process to teeth that comes from their misalignment and consequently a change in the bite.

The teeth when they are properly positioned, in harmony with the joints and muscle action, are made to withstand the chewing forces quietly. But in the event that the mating of the teeth between them is not perfect, you may cause problems to the teeth, muscles or joints to all these facilities.

This pathological process is the most commonly used of all the problems affecting the teeth is also paradoxically the least known and often underestimated.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of occlusal disease are:

- The teeth may have a consumption of masticatory surfaces
- Teeth can be sensitive to heat and cold
- The teeth may loosen
- The teeth can hurt when chewing
- The teeth may fracture more easily
- The chewing muscles may become tense and sore. The headache is a consequence quite common
- The joints may become symptomatic with joint sounds and jolts during mastication and mandibular movements. In some cases the pain is also present in joints.

What if the occlusal disease is not treated?

If the disease is not treated occlusal problems, more or less rapidly, worsen over time.

The teeth are completely consume up to be able to be even lost and muscle and joint problems can create great inconvenience with the result that the complexity and the cost of treatment increases dramatically.

On the contrary if the Occlusal Disease is diagnosed early progression of the damage can be stopped in time and the treatment becomes much simpler and less expensive.

Sample mouth with severe occlusal disease untreated. The teeth are coated with enamel which is the hard tissue of the human body. When the enamel has worn down to expose the underlying dentin that is more fragile, the consumption of the teeth becomes much faster. This effect often be seen on the front teeth that are getting smaller and the back teeth which become dishes. Even the color is altered because the dentin has a color tending to dull orange and is more permeable and susceptible to absorption of dyes (red wine, tea, coffee, smoke, blueberries etc.)

How is the occlusal disease?

The treatment may consist in:

- Adequately correct the enamel surfaces to stabilize the bite
- Restore the worn teeth
- Properly align the teeth with an orthodontic movement
- The combination of these three treatments