Pediatric Dentistry



The pedodontist is a dental specialist in the care and maintenance of oral health of children.
A playful and fun approach, to involve your child to work during the sessions is essential. The child will be quiet, we will have the full cooperation and curiosity to discover his own mouth.
A child is not treated in this way, he will also cure fear of being an adult.

The first visit
It is recommended for 3-4 years.

A check is made on the state of the teeth.

Taught the correct method of brushing and suggested the correct eating habits.
And 'it recommended every six months the application of fluoride gel to reinforce the thin layer of enamel.

Conscious sedation

The deciduous teeth are cared for? So then they fall ...
This is a mistaken belief.
In contact with the baby tooth is the permanent correspondent!
Deep caries and not taken care of, in addition to causing pain and suffering to the little patient, can also seriously damage the underlying tooth.
It 'important to keep the primary tooth until the time of the exchange.
The premature loss can cause a reduction of the space between the other teeth with the need for following a dental appliance to keep it or retrieve it.

Because a cavity of a baby tooth quickly becomes large and deep?

The rapid evolution depends on the different thickness of tissue that make up the primary tooth from the permanent tooth.
The outer layer of hard and resistant enamel is thin, is extended while the inner part of the pulp which accommodate vessels and nerves.
A caries out of a milk tooth to damage the vital part it can take a few months, resulting in infection and pain.