Your DENTIST did not tell you that ...

The Guasti and Massai's book

Your DENTIST did not tell you that ...

The conservation and restoration of the smile in an agile volume, timely and updated. Going well beyond the traditional approach by the dentist, and Faults Massai offer us the state of the art techniques, materials and knowledge. With an assumption that is too often forgotten: the beauty of the health.

Scientific research and cooperation with the manufacturers of new dental materials of the authors provide timely and updated information. Through continuous testing technologies and Massai, and Faults innovative practices are able to draw a near future setting in your practice and its applications, putting into practice today as much as possible.

This manual goes beyond the classics of dental tips to frame the "beautiful smile" in a broader health context of the entire mouth, even going against the current, in a perspective of conservation and enhancement of the existing. In most cases what nature has provided us not be replaced but simply enhanced. At home and in the studio. And the authors explain how.

The Preface by Stefania Saccardi Councillor right to health Tuscany Region

This book made me smile. And I think a good starting point for a dentist! It gave me the pleasure of finding the cure and dedication to service work to the health coupled with creativity and gaiety that only genuine passion for what you can give.

It is a very useful book, for those who believe that the correct information is the basis of an informed choice. The authors explain in a clear and easy to understand how our mouth, what are the best practices for not need them any longer than absolutely necessary, and What are the main actions that dentists offer their patients.

A gesture of solicitude that enhances our daily lives, an unusual way of taking care of others explaining how sometimes expensive ways small attitudes can profoundly improve our health. Pay attention to ourselves is important: thanks to Lorenzo and Alessandro Massai Failures for these lovely pages that help us to do it the right way.

Remember that 100% of the proceeds donated to the Cancer Association Tuscany that since 1999 free of care and at home sick of Tuscany cancer.

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