Book presentation “Your DENTIST did not tell you that …”

A book for all people who care about their own health and that of their loved ones. An illustrated guide on where to find the answers to all the questions on the teeth and gums and the tips to have a healthy and beautiful smile.
The presentation was attended Eugenio Giani, Sara Funaro, Gabriella Ciabattini, Mario Cipollini and Vittorio Sgarbi.

“Your DENTIST did not tell you that … ”
Lorenzo Massai and Alessandro Guasti find it on Amazon
Or in the libraries of the major cities in Tuscany (Florence is located at the Feltrinelli and other libraries).

Your DENTIST did not tell you that ...

The Guasti and Massai's book

Your DENTIST did not tell you that ...

The conservation and restoration of the smile in an agile volume, timely and updated. Going well beyond the traditional approach by the dentist, and Faults Massai offer us the state of the art techniques, materials and knowledge. With an assumption that is too often forgotten: the beauty of the health.

Scientific research and cooperation with the manufacturers of new dental materials of the authors provide timely and updated information. Through continuous testing technologies and Massai, and Faults innovative practices are able to draw a near future setting in your practice and its applications, putting into practice today as much as possible.

This manual goes beyond the classics of dental tips to frame the "beautiful smile" in a broader health context of the entire mouth, even going against the current, in a perspective of conservation and enhancement of the existing. In most cases what nature has provided us not be replaced but simply enhanced. At home and in the studio. And the authors explain how.

The Preface by Stefania Saccardi Councillor right to health Tuscany Region

This book made me smile. And I think a good starting point for a dentist! It gave me the pleasure of finding the cure and dedication to service work to the health coupled with creativity and gaiety that only genuine passion for what you can give.

It is a very useful book, for those who believe that the correct information is the basis of an informed choice. The authors explain in a clear and easy to understand how our mouth, what are the best practices for not need them any longer than absolutely necessary, and What are the main actions that dentists offer their patients.

A gesture of solicitude that enhances our daily lives, an unusual way of taking care of others explaining how sometimes expensive ways small attitudes can profoundly improve our health. Pay attention to ourselves is important: thanks to Lorenzo and Alessandro Massai Failures for these lovely pages that help us to do it the right way.

Remember that 100% of the proceeds donated to the Cancer Association Tuscany that since 1999 free of care and at home sick of Tuscany cancer.

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Se normalmente per completare un restauro sono necessarie diverse sedute sulla poltrona del dentista, per la preparazione del dente, per montare il provvisorio, per realizzare l’impronta e per il montaggio del definitivo, sedute che spesso comportano l’uso di anestetici, con la tecnologia CAD-CAM, in un solo appuntamento si può avere il lavoro finito. I vantaggi di questa tecnologia sono notevoli per la salute del paziente e per abbreviare i tempi di guarigione.
In addition the precision reached in the various stages of processing is now comparable to the technologies of the past can be made very thin prostheses such as veneers, inlays and onlays, they can be strengthened of complete fixed prostheses and can be processed materials such as zirconia, and disilciato composite that are free of metal, so indicated for allergic subjects and with a high aesthetic impact.
The CAD technology allows through a digital intraoral scanner, which is able to read the morphological conformation of the various parts of the oral cavity, the realization of virtual models or digital reproductions of the anatomy of the patient, in three dimensions and faithfully to the original.
Lo scanner laser 3D funziona attraverso l’emissione di impulsi elettromagnetici e la ricezione di segnali riflessi. Il tempo che intercorre fra l’emissione del laser la ricezione del riflesso viene rilevata dal software CAD ed elaborata prima come sequenza di punti e poi formulata sotto forma di modello virtuale. Lo scanner a luce strutturata, invece, proietta un pattern luminoso sulla superficie da rilevare, mentre delle telecamere registrano le deformazioni del pattern su migliaia di punti alla volta che il software CAD elabora sotto forma di rilievo 3D.
The CAM milling is the most 'method used for the realization of prosthesis made in CAD. From digital model a special milling cutter assisted by computer and carving the block of material that is chosen for the prosthesis.
The CAD-CAM technology opens the door to the future. Through the engineering of sophisticated digital tools you can have a pre-visualization of the finished work before starting work on the patient.

Prevention is always better than cure

If we want to make long-lasting beautiful smile we must take care of the teeth but also the health of our gums. Healthy gingiva has a nice light pink color and does not bleed brushing my teeth, while the presence of redness, swelling, dolenzie, bleeding, bad smells and flavors are all warning bells to be taken into account as soon as they can be a symptom gingivitis or worse periodontitis (periodontal disease).

Periodontitis is a widespread disease of bacterial origin that causes tissue destruction, hard and soft surrounding the tooth. The disease initially causes few symptoms, often can progress and worsen without the person's knowledge.

The consequences can be:

– severe gingival retraction resulting in exposure of the roots and the appearance of blacks unsightly spaces between teeth as they age the smile of the person that is affected
– formation of deep periodontal pockets infected and smelly
– mobility and misalignment of the teeth
– tooth loss resulting chewing difficulties.

Another negative effect that periodontal disease can determine is the impairment of general health. Numerous scientific studies support the correlation between malattiaparodontale and systemic diseases, due to inflammation and the spread of bacterial toxins by blood. It 'has been observed that people suffering from periodontal disease is more affected by cardiovascular disease, diabetes, lung diseases, certain cancers and even obstetric complications, such as preterm birth to underweight babies.

For all these reasons it is so important to undergo as soon as possible to a specialist check-up in order to take timely action to return promptly to a complete healing time.

Something to smile about? or..

It is not easy to smile when you do not have beautiful teeth and it is a pity that the imperfections in our mouth can deprive us of the chance to be happy.
To feel at ease in the midst of others, we can try to shift the focus of the people we have before our eyes, or other parts of the body, we can try to show our best side, but if the smile is our problem, the simplest thing to do is to turn to the specialists who know how to give us the care we need, with corrective and cutting-edge equipment.
Nowadays have a winning smile and misaligned teeth is always easier, less painful and does not require the use of unsightly equipment in iron framing the mouth.

Invisalign is an invisible and modern orthodontic technique to straighten the dental arches and getting the smile you've always dreamed of. Without hinges and cables, wires and hooks, this technique makes use of transparent aligners that align teeth through small, precise controlled movements.
Depending on the needs and purposes, only some teeth for phase shift, ensuring a schedule of results and very precise timing.
After you take a picture with a 3D virtual map of the patient's mouth, it shall draw up a comprehensive plan of treatment and projected all movements of each tooth to obtain the wanted result. On the basis of these statements they are produced all the masks that must succession every 4-6 weeks.
This innovative technique employs realize yourself thermoplastic materials only for this system, and each mask will adapt from time to time, perfectly on patient boca.
The aligner, comfortable and easy to wear, should be worn 22 hours a day and are excluded only feeding times and oral healthcare.

Do not miss any more time, do not continue to hide your future radiant smile behind his hand. Immediately contact the dental practice of Florence Faults and Massai, Invisalign Provider in your area.

Dentosophie: a humanistic approach to dentistry

Dentosophie (DENTO from Latin wisdom tooth + SOFIA from greek) is a humanistic approach to dental therapy, which emphasizes the link between the status of oral health, psycho-the situation of the person and the overall health of the rest of the body.
Salute e armonia del cavo orale sono in questo senso il riflesso dello stato di salute dell’organismo nel suo insieme e ogni mutamento, terapia o trauma in esso avrà un effetto sulla tutta la persona. Malattie o disarmonie della bocca sono considerate indici di squilibrio nel soggetto e la posizione dei denti può rivelare a un bravo dentista una circostanza di perturbazione psicoaffettiva o psicofisica.
La dentosofia ci spiega che la parte destra della bocca corrisponde alla sfera maschile e materiale della personalità, mentre quella sinistra a quella femminile e spirituale. Come nella medicina tradizionale cinese, ogni dente rappresenta un archetipo psicologico: gli incisivi superiori rappresentano i genitori, destra il padre, sinistra la madre, il canino superiore destro esprime la forza, il coraggio, quello di sinistra l’amore e la rappresentazione del proprio mondo sociale… e così via per tutti i denti. In questo senso la carie è una piccola malattia che, in base all’archetipo coinvolto, segnala che c’è qualcosa che non va.

Secondo un approccio olistico alla medicina, la malattia e il dolore sono i sintomi di un disagio interiore e ogni individuo elabora ed esteriorizza tale sofferenza in maniera differente. A questo proposito i sintomi di una malattia non si considerano come semplici fastidi da sopprimere, ma come segnali di un corpo che tenta di restaurare la salute e, la malattia, se vissuta nel modo giusto, può condurre ad uno stato superiore di salute.
The term was coined by Dentosophie Montaud and Mathieu French doctors that inspired their anthroposophic theories (about the relationship between the patient's mouth, his body and the outside world) to the work of Soulet and Besombes doctors, who in 1953 introduced the first activator multipurpose made of rubber.
This instrument, at the time, was intended to replace, for the summer, the traditional orthodontic devices (which still require a lot of maintenance by the dentist and many office visits) so that the children, who were leaving for the holidays they had the big rebates on progress achieved. The victory was the fact that these soft devices, not only avoided the deterioration, but improvements procured.
Later Montaud and Mathieu were the first to explore the uses as well as a harmonizer and postural rebalancing psycho.
In the following 60 years many doctors pursued this avenue of research, alongside the orthodontic field knowledge with those in the orthopedic and osteopathic, until you get to consider that postural imbalances were certainly related to those of the oral and every man's rehabilitation cord is complementary and preparatory to another.
An incorrect closure of the dental arches, according to the Dentosophie, is caused by the alteration of some vital biological functions as sucking, breathing (which must be non-oral and nasal), swallowing and chewing.
The function of the activator is exactly that of redressing the position of the teeth through a re-education of the body to these functions, also acting on pathologies that accompany them, and on the ability of the nervous system to establish new connections, to avoid that achieved the desired result, floor plan everything returns as before.
The activator is used during the night and at certain times of day, together with the exercises indispensable to obtain the advancements in the treatment. With this tool the mouth muscles are reeducated gently and then, if necessary, apply the Taquets on the posterior teeth. In practice, this tool does is assist the body in breathing and swallowing phases, allowing cheeks and lips to find their proper function and consequently the teeth to return to their correct position in a totally natural.

The mouth tells the health of all the internal organs

A holistic approach to dentistry, considering the patient's disease not only in symptoms localized in the mouth, but sees these as indicators that affect the individual as a whole.

Chinese medicine explains the relationship between the teeth and gums language internal organs: The mouth is the mirror of the digestive tract, which in turn directly influenced by the system of relationships between the individual and the rest of the world. The tongue, lips and gums depend on the health of the spleen, the maxilla gums, from the large intestine, the lower arch gums, the condition of the stomach and teeth from the bloodstream and energy of the kidney.

Ogni parte del nostro complesso sistema digestivo ha una funzione nel processo di trasformazione di cibi e liquidi. Tale processo è reso possibile dalla presenza della flora batterica, unito a virus, clostridi e miceti che vivono in simbiosi col nostro organismo e da cui dipende la salute delle mucose che permettono di assimilare ciò che ingeriamo.

La flora intestinale è responsabile del nostro sistema immunitario, permette la sintesi di alcune vitamine, l’assimilazione dei grassi, la trasformazione di zuccheri, la resistenza agli acidi e ai microrganismi pericolosi, favorendo il colon nel processo di eliminazione di ciò che è dannoso e superfluo. Un’alimentazione scorretta, ricca di prodotti di origine animale e di zuccheri semplici e raffinati (tra cui anche alcol e cereali non integrali) conducono a delle fermentazioni e decomposizioni all’interno del tubo digerente, che prima indeboliscono e poi distruggono la flora batterica.

When digestion is precise and functional assimilation, mouth reflects the process with a clean tongue, rosy and strong gums and fresh breath. Conversely bleeding gums, persistent bad breath, show vitamin deficiencies and poor nutrition.

Symptoms such as swollen gums and redness if not recognized and solved in time, can lead to serious diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and periodontal disease, and consequently to tooth loss.

Le carie possono iniziare a bucare il dente quando i sali di calcio presenti sullo smalto si dissolvono, a seguito della digestione di carboidrati, zuccheri e amidi e i batteri della bocca liberano acidi. Questo, unito ai batteri e germi e agli acidi della saliva che derivano dalla putrefazione del cibo in bocca e nell’intestino che indeboliscono lo smalto, conducono inesorabilmente alla proliferazione batteriologica che formerà le carie. Solo con una corretta pulizia orale e una dieta ricca di vitamine e di fluoro si può evitare che ciò accada.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine in the mouth pass all the acupuncture meridians of the body and each tooth is attached to a specific organ, a tissue, a gland, a mental condition, muscles, ligaments and spine. In other words observing the patient's mouth is possible to recognize the state of his health as a whole.

Dr. Voll was the first to study the relationship teeth-organs, that's his table:

This month is all about, we read in September!

English Speaking Staff

Florence, an art capital and cradle of the Renaissance: millions visit the city of the Medici every year on short trips and many foreigners live here for long periods or even become permanent residents.
Through the years the staff in the dentist’s surgery had followed English courses and increased their capacity of working for foreign patients, focusing in particular on dental technical terms.
For its communication skills but also for its central location, Studio Guasti and Massai is the ideal solution for the foreign in Florence in need of dental care.
The dentist is in a strategic spot, inside the boulevards surrounding the city center and easy to reach by foot by those living in the center itself and by car by all the rest.
If you are in Florence for few days or if you settled there and wish to deal with fluently English speaking dentists, Studio Guasti e Massai should be your choice.
Thank you.