Align your teeth for a captivating smile and a correct bite


Teeth alignment using transparent aligners that sequentially move the dental elements until the desired position is reached.


An optical scan of the dental arches is taken and the new smile is designed using software. The masks are then delivered and changed approximately every 10/15 days, until the therapy is completed.


After obtaining optimal alignment, the teeth are stabilized in the final position with tailor-made retainers to be worn only at night.


The duration of treatment varies from case to case.
For the simplest cases 3\4 months may be enough while the more complex cases may require a couple of years.

NO. The applied forces necessary to move the teeth are very mild and the movement of the teeth is not painful because it is gradual and delicate.

The treatment serves to improve the position of the teeth and the shape of the arches, therefore generally, in addition to an improvement in the smile, there is a general improvement in the physiognomy of the face.