Experience and Innovation

Proud of taking care of people since 1987.
A constantly evolving practice in the heart of Florence where the personalized care of each patient starts from an accurate diagnosis with the best and most recent technologies used with the team’s decades of experience.

Diagnosis first of all

The search for customized solutions for each individual begins with a deep knowledge of the topic. This approach, combined with the use of the most advanced diagnostic means, allows us to offer adequate answers to satisfy any need.

A smile is beauty and health

Smile with confidence every day. A harmonious and authentic smile not only improves aesthetics, but also promotes the general well-being of the body.

Integrated dentistry

Only through an in-depth examination that considers the mouth and the masticatory function as an integral part of the human organism, is it possible to acquire a more complete understanding of the pathological phenomenon in question. This allows us to look for more natural, appropriate and therefore more long-lasting solutions. For this reason, a high-quality integrated dental practice employs professionals who integrate concepts from different medical disciplines in order to personalize the therapeutic approach for each patient.

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The power of prevention

Prevention in dentistry is essential to maintain oral health and ensure beautiful, healthy smiles for life.
Early identification of potential problems with their immediate resolution reduces the need for more invasive future curative interventions and contributes to your long-term well-being.

At your service with professionalism

For years we have been making our skills and experience available to you to provide you with the care you need. We are committed to creating a comfortable and welcoming environment, to make you feel at ease during every phase of the treatment. With a personalized approach and meticulous care, we ensure that we meet everyone’s needs and expectations.

You will no longer need the dentist

With an exact diagnosis it is possible to intervene on the cause of your discomfort and discomfort. You will be able to smile without worrying about missing, crooked, stained or diseased teeth. We will be able to guarantee you a healthy and beautiful smile and by following our advice you will no longer need the dentist.

One visit to the dentist is enough to forget about the dentist

It seems paradoxical, but that’s exactly how it is. The sooner you know exactly and in detail what the problem is that prevents you from smiling, the fewer worries you will have in the future. An initial thorough dental visit that leaves absolutely nothing out is sufficient to smile with gusto and without the slightest worry. Prevention, in fact, is the best way to keep the health of your mouth safe, intervening in time, where necessary, with adequate therapies and treatments.

The Guasti Massai Ferraro Selvaggi Dental Practice in Florence, thanks to a team of expert professionals, can guarantee you white, healthy and beautiful teeth, without worries.

A book written for all patients that dentists also like.

Mai più paura del dentista

(Never fear the dentist anymore)

The book by doctors Guasti and Massai in favor of the Tuscany Cancer Association

“Never fear the dentist again”. A book for all patients in which doctors Guasti and Massai explain simply and accurately how to have a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile for life.
All proceeds from sales of the Italian version are donated to the Tuscany Cancer Association.

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