Enhance the ability to chew and elevate the aesthetic appeal of the smile.


Create one or more new teeth to be cemented onto an existing root or implant.


After studying the case with collection of diagnostic data, the operating procedure consists of taking an impression of the dental stump or implant on which the final artificial tooth will then be designed and created.


The edentulous areas return to having teeth of the same shape and color as the natural ones. Compromised teeth are restored with optimal aesthetics and function, obtaining a beautiful and efficient smile.


The simple case lasts a couple of appointments, if the case is complex the duration can reach a few months. However, it should be considered that the operational phases of preparing a single tooth and impression are generally done in a one-hour chair session.

NO. This is because anesthesia is used to prepare vital teeth, which is completely painless, while it is not necessary for devitalized teeth. Taking the impression necessary to build the prosthesis is not traumatic and therefore does not cause any pain

In the case of a single tooth to be restored there will be no appreciable changes but there will be an excellent functional and aesthetic integration of the “new tooth”.
In more complex cases, however, a clear improvement in both chewing and the aesthetics of the smile will be noticeable.